Robot Fighting League

Rules and Procedures

RFL Standard Extensible Rule Set

2009-2010 Rules

Effective September 30,2009

Previous Rules Versions

Rules Process

The RFL rule set is revised annually in the last calendar quarter of the year.  Member organizations submit changes for discussion by the RFL general membership, and a "draft for review" emerges from that discussion.  The draft is published for public comment on the RFL Forum during a 30-day review period.  Builder comments and suggestions on the draft are welcomed.   After the review period, the comments and suggestions are reviewed and incorporated.   The final draft is then submitted to a vote by the RFL general membership, with a simple majority required for acceptance.  If accepted, the revised rules become effective for the next calendar year.

Event-specific Rules

The RFL Technical Regulations were created to standardize the sport of robotic combat. All RFL events use these rules. Each venue, event, and arena type may differ however, therefore each RFL organization will customize the rules for their event and venue.

In addition each event will have its own Tournament Rules and Procedures and Arena Rating. The idea is to make it easier to determine which events your robot can compete in around the country. It is the RFL's hope that by using this common base rule set, the rules of each event will become ever more similar.

The rule set was created with input from all RFL organizations, while it is required for use in all RFL events, you are welcome to use it for any event*. If you have a rule question or suggestion contact your local RFL event organizer and or post on the RFL Forum.

RFL Standard Match Rules

Draft, February 14, 2006

The RFL is exploring the idea of instituting a standard set of match rules for RFL events.  The Standard Match Rules define things that should be consistent across all events, like match duration,  pin rules,  count-out times and procedures, etc. 

The  current draft version of the Standard Match Rules is provided below for RFL (and other) events to use if they so desire.  This draft is based on match rules that are already in use in various permutations throughout the Robot Fighting League.

To produce a customized version, you will need the ".DOC" version and a recent copy of Microsoft Word. 

RFL Standard Tournament Procedures

Draft, June 28, 2007

The draft Standard Tournament Procedures are provided as a tool for events to use along with the "Draft Standard Match Rules". Together these documents provide a framework for running robot combat events in a consistent manner. The Tournament Procedures are based on those that have been used in various versions at several RFL events.

To produce a customized version, you will need the ".DOC" version and a recent copy of Microsoft Word.