Guide to the RFL Forum

The RFL Forum is hosted by Delphi Forums, an internet discussion service.  Basic access to Delphi is free;  if you want more features than those included in the free service, Delphi offers two levels of paid membership.

There is a lot of great information and links on the 'Start' page; everyone should check it out every so often.

The search function doesn't work well, and currently only goes back a maximum of 3 months for "free" accounts. Another method is to click on a particular folder (such as "General Discussion") to display the last 50 threads. Then at the bottom of the list, there's a link for 'Next 50'. By browsing through 50 threads at a time, you can go back pretty far, pretty quickly.

Forum "Etiquette"

  • Please use English. Use whole words, and form complete sentences. Before hitting the 'Post' button, reread your message for spelling, grammar and clarity. Ask yourself... "does this contribute anything?" - if not, hit the back button and move on. Believe it or not, I do this frequently.
  • We don't like graphic signatures here. Takes too long to load.
  • If you attach pictures, please use .jpg format, the others make big files that take a long time to load
  • When you have a question, read through old posts to see if that subject has been covered. It will save you some flaming, and may have more depth than you expected - covering areas you hadn't considered yet.
  • Try to find the right folder and thread in which to post your questions. In searching for the right place, read the other posts, and you might find the answer is already there.
  • Don't start a new thread unless you can't find one to add to.
  • If you do start a new thread, try to make the title as descriptive as possible. Example: "Removing Wheelchair Motor Brake?" is better than "What to do with this?"
  • Off-topic posting is discouraged.  If you have an off-topic item you simple can't resist posting, please use the "Off Topic" folder, that's what it's there for.
  • When you post, try to watch the 'reply to' window. It's easy to send your reply to the wrong person. Conversely, try to stay calm if someone sends a flame with your name on it that was intended for another poster.